Cybersecurity and Technology


• Critical Infrastructures:. J6MC technology provides intelligent threat defense with identity-based access control and denial-of-service-attack protection. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have grown increasingly sophisticated—and effective. Cyber-attacks threaten financial, political, gas oil, and military facilities. Up to this present time, damages have been limited to financial loss, systems damages, but cyberattacks on critical infrastructure clearly have the potential to pose serious problems, from service disruption to physical threat to human lives.

• Government Risk and Compliance guidance: We provide compliant and robust cybersecurity solutions with decades of specialized experience and advanced technical knowledge to reduce your risk of exposure and ensure your highest degree of compliance with government rules and regulations. We utilize advanced technologies and services to help companies predict and prevent modern, sophisticated cyber threats while preparing them for strict compliance mandates.

J6MC understands NIST Special Publication 800-53 is a catalog of security controls that helps safeguard information systems from a range of risks. It was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to strengthen US government information systems against known threats, and it outlines security and privacy controls that are designed to protect the privacy of users and safeguard the ongoing operation of information systems.

• Security Operations: J6MC real-time security management employs advanced threat detection solutions to proactively protect clients’ infrastructure from emerging malware threats.  J6MC can quickly and efficiently identify and resolves potential security threats. J6MC centralized processes to continuously monitor and improve the organization's security while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents.

• Data Protection: J6MC can manage and back-up data to accommodate the rapid recovery of recent data. Cybercriminals seeking to exploit security vulnerabilities put sensitive and valuable information at risk. J6MC is committed to assuring that data is consistency will be maintained. J6MC will design, implement systems that can store, process, or retrieve data. J6MC will maintain Confidential while protecting your data.

• Security governance and Incident Response Management:

J6 provides Incident response management services which is a systematic strategy that allows an organization to address cybersecurity incidents and security breaches. J6 can identify response is to identify real security incidents, get the situation under control, limit the damage caused by an attacker, and reduce the time and costs of recovery. Incident response management includes documentation describing incident response procedures and post-incident recovery.

• Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Scans: J6MC utilizes automated vulnerability assessments. These assessments include port scans. All identified ports are checked for known vulnerabilities. J6MC also offers third-party penetration testing to simulate an attack to identify and remedy any technology, process, or procedural weaknesses.

• AI Governance Services: J6MC understands AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to improve governance processes within organizations or government. AIcan be applied in various areas such as policy-making, regulatory compliance, risk management, and performance monitoring. By leveraging AI capabilities, organizations can analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns and trends, make predictions, and generate insights to support informed decision-making. AI include automated compliance monitoring, predictive analytics for policy outcomes, AI-powered decision support systems, and algorithmic auditing.