Cyber Security and Technology

J6MC - will guarantee the highest security standards for cloud-enabled data and application integrity. Our Cyber and Cloud Computing security technologies and services include:

  • Network-Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Just about all traffic is passed on protected VLANs, transmitting through a firewall to access other cloud VLANs or physical networks. J6MC technology provides intelligent threat defense with identity-based access control and denial-of-service-attack protection.

  • Firewall Services: J6MC understands that a convention firewall guarantees segregation of VLAN traffic terminating on the same physical segment. A virtualized firewall has ts own individual security contexts on an enterprise firewall appliance. And each cloud client has their private dedicated firewall appliance.

  • Anti-Virus Systems: J6MC real-time security management employs centralized anti-virus software. J6MC can quickly and efficiently identifies and resolves potential security threats.

  • Data Integrity: J6MC can manage and back-up data to accommodate rapid recovery of recent data. J6MC is committed to assure that data is consistency will be maintained. This includes: design, implementation and usage of any system which stores, processes, or retrieves data.

  • J6MC's understanding of technology enables us to better handle the intelligent infrastructure needs as well as the safety requirements of today's security and high speed networks. Our core business of Telecommunication, Government, and security infrastructure will
    assist greatly in the development of new technology solutions.

Implement security governance:

Audits and Gap Analysis

Incident Response
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) 

Penetration Testing 

Internal Compliance Control (federal and state regulations)

  • File Integrity Services: J6MC uses file-integrity services to assess integrity on client virtual machines. File integrity services monitor both file and configuration integrity which includes viewing at raw file contents, permissions, registry settings, and security settings.

  • Automated Vulnerability Scans: J6MC utilizes automated vulnerability assessments. These assessments include port scans. All identified ports are checked for known vulnerabilities. J6MC also offers third-party penetration testing to simulate an attack to identify and remedy any technology, process, or procedural weaknesses.