About Us


J6 Management Consulting LLC is a Technical and Consulting 8(a) SBA Certified company with years of operation in the South and Northeast areas of the U.S. J6 Management Consulting LLC specializes in Technical and Consulting services. We work with  government agenices such as the DoD. As a Technical and Consulting service company, we offer quick, efficient, and inexpensive Technical and Consulting solution services.

J6 Management and Consulting delivers quality, innovative Technical and Consulting solutions with convenient access to appropriate information services for your business.

  • Delivers timely and effective responses to customer requirements through positive teamwork

  • Works with government agencies to improve security business operations by thoroughly understanding business needs and by planning, implementing, and managing the best information technology solutions available.

  • Guarantees a reliable communication and computer infrastructure foundation on which to efficiently conduct business operations today and in the future.

  • Guarantees effectively communicates information about plans, projects, and achievements to customers.

  • Develops and maintains technically-skilled staffs that are competent in current and emerging information technology and who understand and employ modern technologies to maximize business benefits.

  • Ensures effective technical and fiscal management of business operations, resources, technology projects, and contracts.

"To provide vision, leadership, and a framework for evaluating emerging technologies and implementing proven technology solutions".